Wow, what a week!

The “Starbucks 2” settled with the city of Philadelphia and coffee chain Starbucks. The company gave them a financial settlement (not disclosed) and agreed to pay for them to complete their college education. The city of Philadelphia will expunge their arrest records and set up a program for young entrepreneurs. If discrimination starts getting expensive, you can bet more people will get the message. I just hope black folks don’t go to Starbucks hoping to get thrown out so they can get their students loans paid off.

And here we go….

The trial of an African American icon

Bill Cosby has finally been brought to justice, but debate rages on Black social media. Pro-Cosby folks say he got a raw deal. The anti-Cosby crowd hopes he wears soap on a rope in jail. Why are we so divided about whether he sexually assaulted more than 50 women? Cosby admitted out of his own mouth that he gave women Quaaludes before having sex with them. America didn’t put Bill Cosby on trial for his sins. They put Fat Albert, the Cosby kids, Heathcliff Huxtable and the Pudding Pops man on trial. Basically, icons.

The most famous $130,000 in America

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Fox News that Donald Trump repaid the $130,000 his lawyer spent to keep porn star Stormy Daniels quiet. This was the same $130,000 that Trump said he knew nothing about. This is all so confusing. Maybe I can help break it down. The friend of a billionaire paid off the billionaire’s secret lover. The billionaire acts like he doesn’t know anything about it. Another friend of the billionaire now says that everyone knew about the money. Meanwhile, the porn star is on national television telling anyone who will listen about the payment. Coincidently, $130,000 is about the minimum base salary for a pharmacy manager. And once the Trump presidency is over, we’ll need plenty of drugs to help us cope.

If Jerry Richardson doesn’t want to retire, I have some jobs ideas for him.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was embarrassed again by a open letter published in Sports Illustrated by a former employee. The woman alleged that Richardson did all kinds of things to her feet and legs. With the sale of his team imminent, what should Richardson do in his free time? Maybe open a lingerie shop that sells provocative socks. Or maybe a foot massage place that uses exotic creams and oils. How about a sandal salesman who has a shop on the beach? He could even take his money and invest in edible Odor Eaters. I hope he gives me credit for that last one.

The Kanye West discology of pretend black history

Kanye West has had the worst week ever, but “We Don’t Care.” It appears that his mind is “Gone” and everything around him “All Falls Down.” West seems to think that current African Americans are “New Slaves” and that we have given away our “Power. Instead of our ancestors trying to “Touch the Sky,” they settled out of fear. I know that it is easy to be “So Appalled,” but as for me, West “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” because I know my history. If anyone asks, tell them “We Major” and will not be distracted by a “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” I can’t say West “Never Let Me Down,” because he did, when he married a Kardashian. At this point he needs to either regroup or “Runaway.”