Wow! What a Week!

Lamar Odom, former NBA player and husband of Khloe Kardashian, has credited weed for helping him kick his crack addiction. None of this makes sense to me at all, but I am curious about one thing. His explanation on what you should do if you have a sex addiction.

And here we go….

Friends Like These
Donald Trump wants you to believe that he didn’t know his lawyer paid $130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels. Well, at least he admitted that she was paid the money. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, must be a real good friend. But he needs to be careful with how he gives out money. Trump has slept with a lot of women, so this could get expensive. If you add up all of Trump’s women, Cohen might have only gift cards left to give.

The Mis-Education of Betsy DeVos
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos doesn’t want her employees telling her business. DeVos wants to prosecute employees who leak information to the press. She is upset because someone leaked a memo saying that she wanted to cut funding to public education. First of all, we already knew she was going to do that. The woman knows about as much about public education as I do about agrology. If she were paying attention to the Trump White House, she would know that snitching is a prerequisite for employment.

Don’t sleep on Alma
Folks are out here trying to take the crown off of U.S. Rep. Alma Adams. The young guns want her job, and they are pointing out how old she is (71). Democratic challengers Gabriel Ortiz and Patrick Register are correct about Adams and her contemporaries; Congress is full of people who should have retired years ago. But these two need to realize that you can’t just run up on Adams. I don’t know what tricks are under those hats of hers, but they have served her well. If a contender wants to win in the 12th congressional district, they will need to do more than talking about the elderly.

Sue, Lady, Sue
Tigress McDaniel, at-large candidate for Mecklenburg commissioner, is up against seven others for one of the three seats. But I have a feeling she will be a standout candidate. Not because she was convicted of identity fraud or her multiple complaints against Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Her one year of law school plays a part, but that doesn’t make her a standout. McDaniel will gain attention for filing 50 lawsuits in multiple North Carolina counties. Actually, I am concerned that she is going to sue me right now!

King, 50 Years Later
A half century after Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder and half of America is celebrating a fairy tale MLK. The other half mourns for the revolutionary who once marched in the south. So, which one do you celebrate — the King who now helps sell trucks or the one who protested against poverty?