Wow! What a week!

President Trump said he would have ran into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School without a gun. Really? Trump would run into a building where a lunatic was shooting people with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle without a gun? Nonsense! The only way he runs into a firefight is if Colonel Sanders were being held hostage by the Hamburglar from McDonalds.

And here we go…

Introducing Ms. Kizzy
Omarosa will not shut up about her White House life. She has said recently that she’s been “emancipated” from her time with Trump. This woman had a six-figure job and when she was fired begged to get her job back. And now she is thinking about a tell-all book about her time on the yard. Leaving us to wonder: did she really work on a plantation? It’s not like she worked for a racist in a big white house with a big lawn with men carrying around guns.

One Mo’ Again
The White House is going to take another crack at helping HBCUs. Johnny C. Taylor, a former Charlotte resident, was just named chairman of the White House Board of Advisers on HBCUs. Tasked with this job before Taylor was Omarosa. And as we are aware, she didn’t do a damn thing. Taylor has his work cut out for him. He has to work with a secretary of education who is woefully unqualified. And a president who has the temperament of a toddler. Trump’s 2018 budget left a lot to be desired by calling for cuts in student loan programs. Without federal Pell Grants, it will be hard to keep the doors open for many of these schools.

Congresswoman Who?
B-list actress and conservative provocateur Stacey Dash is going to run for congress in the majority-minority state of California. Dash wants to run in the 44th district, which includes the city of Compton and Watts. The percentages for black folk and Latinos in these two communities are high. I don’t remember Dash reaching out to minorities when she was on Fox News. Her competition is a Latina who previously worked for the NAACP. The last time Dash came into black folk’s living rooms was when she wore a bikini on the cover of King Magazine.

Black Panther, The Color of Money and Progress
We still have a lot of work to do when it comes to minority representation in Hollywood. In 2016, 13.9 percent of the year’s film leads were people of color. Leads of color on television were around 18.7 percent, and 20 percent on cable. Black Panther was a groundbreaking movie that proved that casts of color can make money. But in 2018, why should we have to prove that to the gatekeepers? A UCLA report on diversity in Hollywood has minorities at 40 percent of the United States population. I guess only time will tell if Black Panther is the beginning of more representation or just a phase.

The 13-Year Itch
Are we getting tired of the CIAA Tournament? Yesterday morning I was saying how the tournament needs to move on. Oh, the Facebook comments that I received! The economic impact that the tournament brought to Charlotte in 2016 was $57 million. For its part, the city paid the CIAA $1.4 million. Those aren’t typos, in case you are wondering. I do believe some Charlotteans are getting tired of the tournament, but with all the money local businesses are receiving from the annual event, how can they let it walk away?