Can we talk? Let’s bridge the racial divides that separate women in Charlotte

Can we talk, Ladies? We are the Charlotte Women’s March, and we would like to make your acquaintance. We are […]

Can we talk, Ladies?

We are the Charlotte Women’s March, and we would like to make your acquaintance. We are a group of women (and men) from the greater Charlotte area who have come together with an activist mission to further progressive causes.

In 2018, we seek to bring about change in our region, in North Carolina, and in our country by supporting and creating voter registration efforts, educating voters, asking questions of our current leaders, and supporting new leaders—including many women running for office for the first time.

Charlotte Women’s March is acutely aware of the divide between black and white women, and we hope to bridge that divide by starting a conversation with you, beginning with the understanding that not every black woman has the same complaints, and not every white woman is listening.

We do hear the complaints by black women regarding the actual marches in 2017 and 2018: there’s a lack of diversity; where were you when we were fighting for equal rights; our issues are different.

We hear you, and we understand that simply acknowledging your complaints is not a solution. We women in the Charlotte Women’s March are offering an olive branch. Can we talk? Can you help us, and we help you, be a part of the solution? We cannot change the past, but we can help change the present and the future.

Our Social Justice group strives to educate our members by supporting programs around the city (for example, Race Matters for Juvenile Justice workshops) as well as sponsoring our own programs and events (speakers on mass incarceration, and the history of segregation in Charlotte). Can we support your efforts and your issues?

Can we talk now?

We would like to invite you to join our group (click here), Charlotte Women’s March, so we may include you in future events. We are a very active group of about 2,400 concerned individuals. We have several interest groups, which address various women’s issues, because we believe that women’s rights are human rights.

So. Can we talk?

Submitted by Laura Meier and Beth Davis, Charlotte Women’s March. If you would like to follow up with Laura please email her at or Beth at

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