If you spend much time on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that you are seeing far less news. That’s because back in January, the folks at Facebook changed their algorithm (again) to emphasize posts from family and friends and to de-emphasize news from publishers.

That’s great for Facebook, but it’s not so great for Qcity residents looking to keep up with local news and information.

So, with that in mind, our growing team at Qcitymetro is developing new ways to keep you, our family members, informed and connected. One of those new methods – push notifications – we launched this week. So wherever you are on the Internet, you can still still keep up with what’s happening here in the Qcity.

Here’s how it works:

The next time you visit our website, you will get an invitation to join the growing list of people signing up to get our news alerts. I hope you will join them.

If you do, you will see a small banner each time we post a story that we believe is important to you. These alerts will display on Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers.

We know that push notifications are everywhere these days, so my promise to you is that we will use this tool thoughtfully.

Other ways to connect with Qcitymetro.

Newsletter: If you’re not already a member, we hope that you will join the 5,000-plus super-smart people who get our Morning Brew newsletter. It’s a fun, fast read to launch your day. It’s also where we announce contests and ticket giveaways.

Social Media: We have an array of social media channels to keep you informed. They include:

Qcitymetro Business Directory (via Facebook)
Qcity Business Development Group (via Facebook)
LinkedIn (Our newest social platform)

Bookmark Us: And, of course, for our old-school friends, you can always go directly to http://qcity2021.flywheelstaging.com and bookmark us. Remember when we used to all do that? It still works.

As Qcitymetro moves toward its 10th anniversary in November, I’ll be back to announce many more changes to enhance your time in the Qcity. I’m excited about our future, and I want you to be a huge part of it.

Founder and publisher of Qcitymetro, Glenn has worked at newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Wall Street Journal and The Charlotte Observer.