Wow, what a week!

Black Lives Matter activists want the government to stop spying on them. Donald Trump wants the government (of which he is a part) to admit that they spied on his political campaign. It seems like Trump and BLM have something in common. Maybe they should join forces against a common foe? Nah.

And here we go…

Jesus, the great physician
Televangelist Gloria Copeland told Facebook viewers that we don’t need the flu shot. She said “Jesus himself gave us the flu shot” and he “redeemed us from the curse of flu.” If Jesus were a doctor today, health insurance companies would make him administer flu shots, because it’s good business. Let’s not use the Lord to get out of going to the doctor, especially if you have something serious. If you have shingles, don’t let Copeland have you running around looking like a leper.

Just a little destruction of property
For a minute I thought the looters and drunkards in Philadelphia were going to get arrested for the violence that took place this week. Then I realized that it was just Philadelphia Eagle fans doing what Eagles fans do. The city is tough like its citizens, so that’s why it’s still standing. The media was laissez-faire about all the destruction. No unnecessary commentaries on what people were stealing. The people out on the street weren’t even being condemned by politicians. I guess the only way you would have seen an arrest was if a Black Lives Matter rally broke out.

Legal woes in color
A New Jersey drug dealer caught with $25,000 worth of heroin was recently sentenced to 6 months of rehab. A month ago, 63 people in Georgia were arrested on suspicion of being in possession of less than an ounce of weed. Other than moving to New Jersey, what could these people have done to keep from going to jail? This is so typical of how America works for some people. A drug dealer in Jersey has the legal system to help him, while people having a party in Georgia have the NAACP.

Panther’s Soap Opera
The Carolina Panthers have been more exciting off the field than on. They went from an NFL team to an episode of As the World Turns — an owner who can’t keep his hands to himself and now an interim general manager accused of harassing his ex-wife. Meanwhile, the GM is said to be a frontrunner to land the job permanently. This all sounds so odd to me. Shouldn’t the new owners determine who should be working for the organization?

One night only
I thought Chrisette Michelle’s career was over after she performed for Trump’s inauguration. She has proven all of us wrong and is on the road singing her hits. The Grammy Award winner is coming to Rock Hill Saturday night. She will be performing at the DiGiorgio Campus Center at Winthrop University. Tickets are $7 for non-students, so $14 if you are on a date. The theatre has 224 seats, so I don’t know if you need to get tickets in advance or just kinda roll through. If you stop by the Sonic Drive-In before the performance, you can make it a proper date.