Wow! What a Week

A humorous look-back at the week that was

Wow! What a week (Jan. 14-19)

Aziz Ansari might be a jerk, but he’s no sexual predator. Tracee Ellis Ross deserves a pay raise. And the Trump administration loses a racist. All that and more when we look back on the week that was.

Wow! What a Week

Trump appointee Carl Higbie resigned this week after racist, sexist, anti-gay and anti-Muslim comments were discovered from his days on radio. Trump himself has been known to offend a brown/black person from time to time. When Trump told you that he was the “least racist person” there is, he probably remembered that Higbie was still on staff.

And here we go…

The Double Edge Sword of #MeToo
Aziz Ansari might be a jerk on dates, but that doesn’t make him a sexual predator. We will be in trouble if we can’t separate the nitwits from the rapists. The anonymous woman who spent an uncomfortable evening with Ansari has made him out to be Weinstein-esque. But she participated in some of the sexual acts that took place that night. Weinstein was a super-predator, and none of his actions was consensual. Ansari was dead wrong, but he’s only a small part of the problem.

For Colored Girls Named Rainbow Who Haven’t Been Paid
Rainbow Johnson is a name that you would know only if you watch the television show “Blackish.” She co-parents an upper middle-class family with her husband Dre Johnson. The actors for these TV characters are Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson. Anderson makes more money than Ross in real life. But both are TV parents on the same TV children. Anderson is an executive producer on “Blackish,” and Ross isn’t. Chemistry between people in real life is hard to find, so when you see it with TV characters you gravitate towards them. ABC needs to do the right thing and pay Ross for her talents. She helps make that show what it is, and no one can deny that.

It’s over Charlotte!
It’s all over, Charlotte! I knew they would do this to us. Get us all worked up and then walk away. Amazon has left us off the final list of potential sites for its second North American headquarters. I knew that this was going to happen, and I didn’t trust the process. But how in the world did we get beat out by Columbus, Ohio? Ohio is hemorrhaging people on the regular. You can’t walk down the street in Charlotte without bumping into someone from Ohio. If Amazon wants to kick it in the cold, let them. Meanwhile, ever other Ohio resident will be on their way to Charlotte.

Trump’s Dishonest and Corrupt Media Award Show
President Trump finally released his long awaited “Fake News Awards.” I thought that this event was going to be at the Trump Hotel in some gaudy ballroom. I thought he would have some famous celebrity as the host and a band playing in the background. I was fooled into believing that this was going to be a “bigly” production. In the end, he just provided names on the Republican National Committee’s website that didn’t work. But just like everything the Republicans do, they are going to make it work whether you like it or not. Trump basically listed every newsperson or news organization that wrote an article that he didn’t like. He could have at least had a musical performance by Chrisette Michele.

Milk, Bread and Toilet Tissue
For all of its flaws, I truly love living in North Carolina. Although we are recipients of winter storms, we aren’t equipped to handle the snow and the ice that stays behind. We clean out grocery stores trying to get the supplies that we feel will get us through the storm. Milk, bread and toilet tissue. If you are from up North, you probably are wondering what’s up with the Milk. What if the power goes out? That’s why you buy powdered or canned milk. If you are country like some of my fellow residents, you just put the milk outside and pack snow around it.

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