Wow! What a week.

Stop pushing Oprah into the White House. You are asking a billionaire to play maid and clean up after another. Oprah’s Golden Globe speech was one for the ages and should be used as a rallying cry. But it is not a pre-acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination. You saw how dirty they did Barack Obama. If they did a half-black person like that, imagine how they would do a 100 percent black woman. Stay home and count those coins, Oprah!

And here we go….

You show me yours first
Conservatives want Michael Wolff to release the tapes he used to write his book “Fire and Fury.” They say the book is full of lies and Wolff can’t be trusted. But don’t we hear the same things about Donald Trump? Wolff and Trump have more in common than they may think. Wolff refuses to produce the tapes, and Trump refuses to produce his tax returns.

Blue Line Extension Set to Open
Congrats, Charlotte, on the near-completion of the Blue Line extension. It took only 20-some years, but, hey, that’s government for you. Soon we will be able to ride from Pineville all the way to UNC Charlotte. If you don’t live in Charlotte, that might not mean much. And if you hate public transportation, that might not mean anything.

Trump in the A
Trump went to the College Football Championship at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Monday. And as usual, he was booed by people as his motorcade rolled by. I guess he wanted to get out of the house and fly to Georgia for some Chick-fil- A. Since he likes fast food so much maybe he should stop by The Varsity for Two Naked Dogs. It took me a while, but I finally figured out why he went to the game. He wanted to meet some of the kids he would call “son’s of bitches” in the pros next year.

The Hardest Working President
Trump must have tripped over himself on the way to his Twitter account to tell the world that the unemployment rate for African Americans fell to 6.8 percent. Ivanka Trump even jumped on Twitter to share the news. Every president brags when the rate is low, and they all catch hell when it is high. But how do they really have an influence on it? When Obama left office, the unemployment rate for African American was 7.8 percent. So what did Trump do in 11 months to drop the rate by 1 percentage point, especially when he spent more than 53 days on vacation and 3 hours a day watching television.

The Artist
Katie Price is the White House’s full-time hair and make-up artist. Her job is to style Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Sanders and other White House staffers at taxpayer expense. She specializes in doing bridal make-up and eyelash extensions. She previously worked at Russia Today, the first Russian English Language news channel, as a hair and make-up artist. Based on what I see on my television, she should resign immediately. I’ve seen the make-up on at least two of her clients, and Maaco has done better work.

Charlotte Weather
Due to the recent frigid temperatures, you can expect a higher energy bill, courtesy of Duke Energy. It is always a toss-up as to what temperature to use to warm your house. If you keep it in the 80s, your house will be toasty but your bill will be high. If you keep it in the low 60s, you might have a lower bill but you will go to bed dressed as a mountain climber. Because Charlotte weather changes like jobs in the Trump administration, we probably will have our air conditioners on by this weekend.