Late last year we asked our readers to tell us what matters to them, so thanks to all who took our survey.

Here’s what we learned:

Women outnumber men.

Nearly 77 percent of those who took our survey were women. That’s not a surprise. Nearly all of the data we’ve collected over the years indicate that women make up the bulk of Qcitymetro readers, but not to the tune of 77 percent. (We believe the actual number is closer to 60 percent.)

Our readers are mature.

No single age group made up a majority of our readers. They mainly ranged in age from 25 to 64, with a solid chunk in their 40s and 50s.

When we asked what topics you value, some clear signals emerged.

• Events/Things to do. No other topic came close. Nearly 60 percent of you said this is what you value most. That number was in line with earlier surveys.

• 42 percent said you wanted more on local politics.

• 40 percent said you wanted more on money and finance.

• 38 percent said you wanted more on business, careers and entrepreneurship.

• 35 percent said you wanted more on churches/faith.

This word cloud represents some of the themes our readers said they valued in our November 2017 survey.

So, now that we have this data, what are we going to do with it?

For starters, it will serve as our guide as we work to improve in 2018. Already, we’ve begun to put some things in place.

Our Business Directory is expanding.

Over the holidays, we took down the pay wall on the directory so that entrepreneurs and local business owners can post for free. We want the directory to be a resource where readers can spend their money with businesses that value our community. In the coming weeks, we will be making major improvements to the directory, including a new feature that will allow local businesses to post discounts and special promotions.

Keep an eye out for our new Jobs Board.

We all know that some parts of our community face challenges in relation to economic mobility. In February, we will launch a jobs board that we hope will be a magnet for employers seeking diverse applicants. Our board will be open to a broad range of jobs, from skilled labor to professional positions.

We want to connect better.

Relationships are vital to what we do, so in 2018, we want to build stronger bonds with our most loyal readers. One way we’ll do this is through a new membership program we’ll be rolling out in the first quarter. More on that later.

These are just some of the really exciting things we’ve planned for 2018. Later this year in November, Qcitymetro will celebrate its 10th birthday, so all year long we’ll be celebrating.

It’s been a great ride, but the best is yet to come.

Happy New Year, Qcity fam.

Founder and publisher of Qcitymetro, Glenn has worked at newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Wall Street Journal and The Charlotte Observer.