Wow! What a Week

Roy Moore of Alabama won’t go away quietly into that good night. He should take this loss gracefully to help improve his reputation. Besides he has a lot to look forward to in the following months. Junior Prom season is getting ready to start.

And here we go…

Black Women Save the Universe
Senator-Elect Doug Jones (he’s family, so we call him DJ now) pulled off an upset Tuesday night, thanks largely to African Americans who came out in droves, like I know they will for the opening weekend of Black Panther. What’s more important, black women came thru like gangbusters. When they vote, it’s like magic happens, and they end up lifting cities and states. I don’t understand why the media and political parties keep chasing white male voters around like yetis. The black women vote is a beast, and it should not be overlooked.

Cardinal Sin
Cardinal Innovations was handing out severance checks like condoms in a freshman dorm. State Sen. Joel Ford, who failed in his bid to be Charlotte’s mayor, was the recipient of $51,940 after working there less than 2 years. But that amount was meager compared to the $1.7 million given to former CEO Richard Topping. How can 68 employees receive a severance package? Did the janitor get one too?

Another one bites the dust
Utah Representative Mia Love (the first black female Republican in Congress) thinks that her fellow Republican colleague should resign from office. Why? Because Representative Blake Farenthold was verbally abusive and sexually demeaning to his aides. This is the same Farenthold that used taxpayer money to settle a $84,000 sexual harassment claim. Farenthold looks like a pasty Jabba the Hut so I’m not really surprised that he needs to pay for affection.

Longer terms and less pay
These new City Council members are making sense regarding four-year terms. I think it’s foolish to run for office every two years. It keeps you in a constant state of campaigning instead of working. I do disagree with them receiving an increase in pay. If they want more money then their jobs should be full-time. Increased compensation may attract more people for office, but that’s not always a good thing. We need candidates who want to do the work because they believe in civic duty and not because of the money. We already have enough of that in Washington D.C. now.

The Honorable Omarosa Manigault
If working with racists and sexual abusers doesn’t scare you off, then nothing will make you quit. Unfortunately, Omarosa (1st black assistant to President Trump) was relieved of her position this week. She would have stayed until the building burned down, but “they” (i.e. everybody) were ready for her to go. You can’t be unqualified for your job and annoy people at the same time. She even started to make that pivot back to her skin folk. The problem is that she has alienated 96 percent of the black population. Don’t expect to see her on a girl’s trip to Essence Festival anytime soon.