Companies come to employees’ aid with disaster and hardship programs

E4E Relief, a subsidiary of Foundation For The Carolinas, helps families impacted by hurricanes, wildfires and personal hardships such as illness.

The 2017 hurricane season caused billions in damage, washing away homes, businesses, schools and more. Many in hard-hit communities received federal and state aid, but some disaster victims also got a helping hand from employee relief programs administered by E4E Relief, a subsidiary of Foundation for the Carolinas (FFTC).

This year, E4E Relief has awarded $12.9 million in relief funds for employees impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.  Nearly $150,000 has been awarded to employees affected by the wildfires in Northern California.

These grants help disaster victims rebuild their lives, offset evacuation and home-repair expenses, and provide basic life necessities.

“The ultimate goal is to assist people who are facing real adversity and to provide a readiness plan for companies who want to help their own during catastrophic disasters and hardships,” said Holly Welch Stubbing, a loaned executive to E4E Relief and Executive Vice President at FFTC.

Beyond such large-scale catastrophic events, E4E Relief programs help employees with expenses related to personal hardships such as house fires, loss of income, death in the family, domestic/physical abuse, and illness, said Davida Rivens, Vice President & Director of Relationship Management for E4E Relief.

E4E Relief has received 4,993 applications for personal hardship aid this year and has awarded $3.7 million in grants.

Davida Rivens, Vice President & Director of Relationship Management for E4E Relief

“Not every hardship makes the front page. It’s important to recognize that assistance is available to help not just in disasters,”  Rivens said. “Every day, families are faced with situations that affect their ability to provide basic life necessities.”


Employee relief programs, such as McKesson’s “Taking Care of Our Own Fund,” can make a big difference to someone reeling from a personal family crisis, as it recently did for Shaunette and her family.

Family thankful for much-needed aid for medical treatment

In July, Shaunette, a McKesson employee, took her 2-year-old daughter to the emergency room. Jada had a high fever, and her body was swollen. She was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. In September, Jada was readmitted to the hospital.

“We found out after taking her to her follow-up cardiology appointment that the left side of her heart was only functioning at 20%,” Shaunette said.

After several tests, eight lifesaving medications, a blood transfusion, PET and CT scans, an angiogram, and five teams of specialists, Jada was diagnosed with Takayasu’s Arteritis, said Shaunette. “Her treatment right now consists of chemotherapy (once a week) and seven different heart medications.”

McKesson’s fund, managed by E4E Relief, is helping the family of five cover medical expenses related to Jada’s treatments. Shaunette recently wrote to thank the E4E Relief staff and share how the program has made an impact on her family.


“I just wanted to let you all know that this funding came in a time of great need,” Shaunette said. “Thank you for your kindness and your generous support as we navigate through this difficult time. Please know that you all helped make a difference in a positive way!”

E4E Relief at work around the country

E4E Relief was started in response to 9/11 with just one client and was spun off from FFTC as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2014. The organization currently serves more than 1 million employees nationwide at companies as diverse as mid-size businesses and Fortune 500 organizations. Its extensive client roster includes Wells Fargo, Snyder’s-Lance, Salesforce, Family Dollar and McKesson.

E4E Relief helps companies create and administer employee relief funds, including receiving and evaluating applications and managing donations. Companies set aside money for relief and/or develop voluntary payroll deductions so employees can donate.  So far this year, E4E Relief has received 8,772 individual gifts and more than $5.3 million in donations for hurricanes disaster aid.

• Companies often hold campaigns to raise awareness and dollars for their Employee Relief Funds. Many companies partner with their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) programs to directly refer employees to the Relief Fund.

Visit the website to learn more about E4E Relief.

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