Wow! What a Week

A humorous look-back at the week that was

Wow! What a week (Nov. 12-17)

Mecklenburg Health Director Gibbie Harris paints Charlotte as Sin City. Oh, this Charlotte traffic. And sex catches up to an Ohio politician.

Wow! What a Week

Congrats to 300 South Tryon for finally opening this week. This building is in the perfect location with plenty of places to eat nearby. The 25-story, $330 million building is a mix of offices and a hotel. Too bad that many Charlotteans can’t afford to stay there. And they won’t qualify for employment in the businesses that are housed there. But the pictures of the place look really nice.

And here we go….

Let’s verify this with another source
I think the media needs to be careful when they ask people their opinions on sexual harassment. Gene Simmons, adult adolescent and musician in the band KISS, should not be your first choice. The guy made a living by sticking his tongue out for people to be shocked at its length. And that was after he breathed fire on stage. When you see him talking to women on TV, he looks like he is trying to hypnotize them with that Bela Lugosi Dracula stare. Spooky…

Best job in the world
I saw a silly tweet saying that Sen. Al Franken should resign. Why would he do that with President Trump still in office after admitting to sexual harassment? Judge Roy Moore is trying to convince you that he didn’t sign a teenager’s yearbook when he was in his 30s (okay). Politicians base their actions on their own standards…unless you are a politician who hates homosexuals and gets caught having sex with one. When you have that kind of sex, your behavior is truly inappropriate.

Delicious and Educational
Smithfield of Duplin County North Carolina hosted a “Pig Party” for 1,000 students. It was an approved educational event from the “Producers, Pigs and Pork” curriculum for county 4th graders. I know the people of Duplin County are proud that they are the largest swine producer in the world. You tell that fun fact on a blind date and you can expect that a second date will be around the corner. Yummy! The students were able to visit all areas of pig production, and the employees even preformed a skit for them. It’s a shame I didn’t hear about anyone eating tubs of bacon. The kids get low marks from me on this one.

Charlotte, the new Sin City?
Mecklenburg County Health Director Gibbie Harris must be from a small town with one stoplight. She got into a tiff this week with AIDS activists regarding her comments on our high HIV infection rate. Mecklenburg’s rate of new HIV infection is double the national average. I guess that unnerved Harris, and she alluded to our problem being caused by visitors to our fair city. Harris stated, “In cities like Charlotte, which draws a lot of people in, it can be a party town, it can be a place where people come in, enjoy themselves for the weekend and then leave but leave stuff behind.” So, when did we become Ibizza? It’s been a while since I’ve been out, but don’t clubs close around 2 a.m? If people are getting down like that, I stand corrected. But I don’t think so….

This Damn Commute
This week has been the worst in regards to Charlotte traffic. I’ve been getting home around 7 p.m. every night. And I’m leaving work around 5. On Thursday, the mailman dropped off the mail around 7:30. Our transportation infrastructure is the worst, and it seems like car accidents happen every day. Some folks in the Steele Creek Area were trying to put their bid in for the Amazon location (long shot). I had to laugh at that, because I live in Steele Creek. How in the world are the Amazonians going to beat this hot mess we call traffic? Are Amazon employees going to ride drones to and from work?

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