Last week was a whirlwind of eating out. I had a few lunch meetings, a dinner meeting, the regularly scheduled “I don’t feel like cooking tonight” meeting, as well as Sunday brunch.

Yes, I ate out quite a bit.

Here are three dishes I tried for the first time that I’m still thinking about.

Fried Quail and Blueberry Waffles
Dogwoods Southern Table and Bar Restaurant (4905 Ashley Park Lane) See Menu

Deciding on a switch from chicken and waffles and and having never eaten quail before, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. It was seasoned well and fried perfectly.The quail was not as hearty as chicken, in terms of meat, but the texture was the same.

No it did not taste like chicken (I knew you were thinking that), but it tasted close and was a flavorful meat. I confess to licking my fingers when I finished the fried quail.

Apple Pie Topped With Cheddar Cheese
Leroy Fox Restaurant (705 S Sharon Amity Rd.) See Menu

Although my mind could not initially wrap itself around cheddar cheese on top of apple pie, the flavors together worked. The tangy taste of the cheddar paired with the sweetness of the apple pie deliciously. It had me questioning why I’d never had apple pie like that before.

Elote Loco
Sabor Latin Street Grill (9105-B Pineville Matthews Road) See Menu

Courtesy of UberEATS, Elote Loco (crazy corn in Spanish) was crazy good. The cob was dressed with mayo, cotija cheese (a Mexican cheese) and chili powder. The salty crumbles of the cotija cheese coupled with the spices of the chili powder was a happy dance of flavors in my mouth.

I didn’t set out looking for something different to eat. I simply sat down with an open mind and curious taste buds, and I am so glad that I did.

Trying something new can be delicious.

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Desiree Rew is a freelance food and travel writer. She is a member of the Association of Food Journalist. Follow her blog