Wow! What a Week.

If Donna Brazile were on “House of Cards,” she’d be killed by Doug Stamper (Bye Bye Frank Underwood) before the season ended. Brazile will have to settle with being labeled as an outcast and turncoat for pushing her tell-all book. I just hope she didn’t do this to impress the Bernie Sanders folks. Sanders is still an independent, and he hasn’t improved his positioning with African-Americans yet. If that’s the case, we will have to wait until 2018 and 2020 to see if Brazile’s gamble pays off. Otherwise, she will be sitting at the kids table with Anthony Weiner at the next DNC cookout.

And here we go….

Sieg Heil and pass the pepperoni
Papa Johns CEO John Schnatter needs to make up his mind. He said he’s losing money on his pizzas because of the NFL protests. But now he doesn’t want white nationalists buying his pizza. His bready pizza was recently endorsed by the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, which called Papa Johns the official pizza of the alt-right. Schnatter should be thankful for the support. Instead, he has condemned all hate groups wanting to eat his pizza. So, after a night of cross burning, what’s a hungry Klansman to eat?

Hello, Madam Mayor
The city of Charlotte welcomed Vi Lyles, the first African-American woman elected mayor here. Her victory adds to the notion that former Mayor Pat McCrory will be the last Republican to every hold that seat in Charlotte. Kenny Smith tried to beat Lyles, but he had the city’s rapidly changing demographics going against him. And Smith did a horrible job reaching out to black folks (I mean HORRIBLE). He thought he could win with a base of Republicans and unaffiliated voters. I guess no one told him the Republicans in Mecklenburg County have all moved to Waxhaw.

Well, at least he tried
Daniel Herrera lost his chance to beat LaWana Mayfield in District 3. It was a long shot, but I’ll give him an A for effort. He was always campaigning on West Boulevard at the library during early voting. He probably was the only Republican who ever showed up there. I remember at a voting forum in September, I asked him his views on Donald Trump. He dodged that question like someone avoiding that one relative who is always asking for money. Sorry, Herrera; there is nothing hard about that question.

Reclaiming her time
Last July, Trump supporters staged a sit-in at a Charlotte City Council meeting to protest a statement made by council member Dimple Ajmera, who said Republicans who support Trump should not be leading local government. The Trump supporters were fired up. It didn’t matter, because Ajmera was black-folk unapologetic. She later sent out an email saying she stood by what she said.Tuesday’s vote has now given Ajmera a green light to talk greasy to any and every Trump supporters. She won an at-large seat on Council, which means she got votes from ALL OVER THE CITY. Charlotte just elected an Indian version of Maxine Waters. It was a message to all the Trump supporters that their fellow citizens don’t like them.

Mo More Elephants
Tuesday’s race for mayor in Raleigh was between the current unaffiliated mayor, who racked up endorsements from Democratic Party heads, and a true Democratic candidate who was endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans. The city hasn’t elected a Republican since the Year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Nine. For many of my Republican-hating friends, and there are a lot of them, that sounds like heaven. But I don’t want it to sound like the campaign was peaceful. The current mayor, Nancy McFarlane, is a white woman, and the challenger, Charles Francis, is a black man. Dun Dun Duhhh! It’s always drama when a white woman is pitted against a black man, so it would not have been right if this didn’t follow suit. You know it’s bad when a former chair of the Wake County Republicans had to defend the black guy.