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Join Qcitymetro for an On the Table CLT discussion Oct. 25 at Camp North End

We’ll be discussing ways to make our community more inclusive and the role Qcitymetro can play in that countywide effort.

Vanessa Benton, executive director NC, Citizen Schools, a nonprofit that seeks to equip young people with the skills, access and beliefs they need to thrive as students and succeed as adults in the modern economy.

We hear a lot of talk these days about connecting communities and making the Qcity more inclusive. But what exactly does that look like?

I feel connected — sometimes too connected — but to a large degree, that’s mostly because of my job. I also know that not everyone feels that way.

I hear all the time from readers who say they want to feel more connected to Charlotte. When I ask what that means, answers vary. Some say they want more news and information. Others want more in-depth information about schools and local government. Still others talk about wanting a more personal connection to Charlotte and its decision makers.

In my perfect world, Qcitymetro would be the place where readers could find it all. Our goal has always been to connect our readers to the greater community and give voice to your concerns and interests.

To that end, Qcitymetro has signed on to host an On the Table CLT event, and we’re inviting 10 of our readers to join us. You could be one of them.

Caroline Brown, operations & marketing coordinator, FEAST Food Tours & Culinary Events, Inc., which seeks to to connect locals and visitors to Charlotte’s culinary community through food tours and experiential events.

On the Table CLT is far bigger than Qcitymetro. Its goal is to bring together 5,000 people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in 500 small groups being held throughout Mecklenburg County on October 25. Each group will discuss how to collaboratively build and maintain a more connected, inclusive and opportunity-rich community.

This imaginative public square, an initiative of the Community Building Initiative and Foundation for the Carolinas, is designed to generate ideas, inspire solutions, and cultivate relationships and collaborations to strengthen Mecklenburg County.

Dianne English, executive director of Community Building Initiative, says “big ideas can spring from small gatherings and that people invest in what they help create.”

On the Table CLT is made possible through financial support of the Knight Foundation and is part of a nationwide initiative to assemble people for intimate, mealtime conversations. Charlotte is one of 10 cities selected to participate.

George Wilkerson, director, Gang Alternative Principals (GAP) program, which seeks to steer teens away from gangs involvement by providing them with life skills and services.

The Qcitymetro session will be head at 6 p.m. at Hygge Coworking in Camp North End. They say nothing brings people closer than sharing a meal. So, we promise to feed you. I’m thinking soul food — maybe one of the places celebrating Black Restaurant Week.

Let’s gather and break bread as we discuss what Qcitymetro can do to make you feel more connected to our community.

To join us, visit our On The Table signup page. Remember, only 10 people can join us, so sign up quickly.

If you want to host your own On the Table CLT discussion group, visit for more information. You can also join the discussion through social media using #OnTheTableCLT.

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