Wow! What a week (Oct. 8-13)

Black pastors take a knee in Charlotte; Detroit has a watermelon scandal; and Donald Trump is still a moron.

Wow! What a Week

It was previously reported that President Trump wanted tanks and missile launchers in his inauguration parade. That’s so passé. Doesn’t he know that Kim Jong Un already did that.

And here we go….

Remember when….
Now we finally know why Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a $#@#%$ moron. In a July meeting at the Pentagon, Trump was displeased with the amount of nuclear weapons America has in its arsenal. All this talk of thermonuclear weapons. Remember back in the day when we settled problems with a coup? We would just replace a dictator we didn’t like with one that we did. The good old days.

Wishful Thinking
All this talk of Charlotte trying to convince Amazon to bring a second headquarters to our fair city is draining. Just a year ago we were arguing over transgendered individuals using the bathroom. Amazon’s main headquarters is in Seattle. In 2015, The New York Times ranked Seattle 6th in metropolitan areas with the largest homosexual populations. We ain’t ready.

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Should have brought Donuts
Firefighters at Engine 55 in Detroit received a surprise when they met their newest employee. Robert Pattison brought a watermelon wrapped in a bow to a fire department that is 90 percent black. As always, some black folks caped up for Pattison, saying that he was a good dude. They must have attended the Stacey Dash School of Fire Fighting. Personally, I’m not buying the “I didn’t know” defense. Even the Dalmatian that rides on the fire truck knew that was wrong.

We can only hope
Former henchman for President Trump, Steve Bannon, said he thinks Trump has a 30 percent chance of completing his presidency. I’m not a gambling man, but does anyone know what the odds are in Las Vegas? I’m asking for a friend.

Harvey and Friends
Harvey Weinstein was thrown out of Hollywood on his casting couch. Bill Cosby has to be somewhere going, “He left them awake? No wonder they are talking now.” Weinstein’s behavior was so bad it drew a rebuke from Trump. Trump said that he “was not at all surprised.” Well, since he knows about sexual harassment, I will have to take him at his word.

Oh, the hypocrisy
Pastors, community leaders and activists kneeled in protest outside of the Bank of America Stadium during last night’s Carolina Panthers game. They were protesting police brutality against brown and black Americans. It’s a shame they have to protest to get the police force that they pay taxes for to respect them. And it’s a shame that fellow American’s aren’t willing to respect their right to protest. I wonder; did the Boston Tea Party offend people back in the day? If you really think about it, they actually destroyed private property. Just something to think about.

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