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Talkback: What readers are saying about Cam Newton and ‘routes’

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In response to: Cam Newton catches heat for sexist remark made to female reporter

Barbara says…

It’s really much to do about nothing. How many women — black, white and even wives — converse about routes? My oldest son went to Howard University on a football scholarship, and I still don’t know anything about routes. So yes, I can really see how Cam would see a little humor in that.

Katie says…

Yes, I think it is making something out of nothing. I believe Cam just found it funny (not trying to be sexist) to hear a female speak the football language. Maybe he just has not been around that many women that can speak football language and/or understand it like most men. This reminds me of something my daughters told me one time when I used a four-letter word. They said, “Mama, you sound funny saying that.” They said that because I am not accustomed to using such words. It even sounds funny to me.

CC says…

The reporter is over sensitive! She knows doggone well that most women don’t talk that much football jargon. She may have been the first female reporter that impressed him. This is no different than when women go get their car serviced at the dealership or to see a mechanic and it’s usually men in those positions. They explain what they did to repair the vehicle’s problem to a female who may or may not have a clue about the explanation.The man is surprised when a female speaks their language. No, I’m not offended when the man is surprised, impressed  or “thinks it’s funny” because I happened to be knowledgeable on the subject.

Some of us women are in positions that may seem uncommon to some. Give Newton a break. She made a point, now let it go, and media shouldn’t even give this any attention. Hopefully she was just having a bad day, Cam. She didn’t want to take the complement that she was special. Get over it, lady. Our country is facing bigger issues to bring to the table right now.

FK says…

I’m a female. I think this has been taken a bit too far. I believe I saw the remark in the context that Cam meant it. I even chuckled. Women are outraged over this comment but not the ones that public officials have made about females, including calling some SOBs.

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