WOW! What a Week.

A few weeks back, former NFL-er Ray Lewis said he’d never take a knee while the national anthem is playing. Last Sunday in London, he was on both knees like a hooker in church. I’ll give President Trump this one compliment: He is like a black person’s funeral. No matter how much folks disagree, they all come together to bury their own. Trump literally brings black people together.

And here we go….

Megyn Kelly making friends
The former Fox News host is trying to get adjusted to her new home on NBC. Television star Debra Messing posted online that she “Regret going on Kelly’s new show.” And actress Jane Fonda didn’t take too kindly to being asked about having plastic surgery. Kelly needs to realize that she is not on Fox anymore. No one is cheering for her to talk crazy to people like in the old days. Besides, Fonda looked like she was about to cut a chick.

Clarence Thomas is finally coming home
The “Silent Justice” is finally featured in the National Museum of African American History and Culture. No, it’s not in the bathroom. Anita Hill, who accused Thomas of sexual harassment, was already honored in the museum. I feel bad for Ms. Hill. No matter what she does, she just can’t seem to get away from him.

Fast Food
Missouri resident Alexis Newsome and her child were driving when a red pickup drove up and somebody threw fried chicken into her car. She seemed upset, based on her online video. This is no laughing matter. I just hope it wasn’t Church’s Chicken, because one of those hormone-induced thighs could have killed her.

Trump should have wanted Moore
Down in Alabama, ultra-conservative Judge Roy Moore beat out GOP rival Luther Strange in a battle of Southern white men who could be extras in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Moore, who makes Trump look like an NAACP caseworker, was not the president’s choice. Strange lost to a man who thinks 9/11 was a punishment for rejecting God. Moore also once pulled a gun out of his pocket at a campaign rally to show he is down with the Second Amendment. Either he has long pockets or a small gun.

So about that draining the swamp
HHS Secretary Tom Price spent taxpayer money flying on private jets — trips to St. Simons Island, where Price owns land, and to Nashville, Tenn., where he owns a condominium. He always seems to add in personal trips along with work-related travel. That’s like me going to the Georgia Aquarium on business but I stop off at Strokers strip club after I visit the water creatures. Trump was elected to drain the swamp. Someone needs to tell him the swamp has wings.

Michell Obama speaks out
At a conference in Boston, the former first lady criticized women who voted for Donald Trump. Her exact words were, “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.” Can you believe that craziness? That’s like voting for a man who openly talks about sexually harassing women. Um…wait a minute…

Lose my number
Trump called Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones four times Monday to talk about the national anthem. When I first heard about the calls, I hoped they were talking about something else — cars, girls, food, something other than people kneeling and standing. Jones should have let three calls go to voicemail. It makes Trump look like he doesn’t have any real work to do.

Meanwhile, down in South Carolina
The Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House in Greenville will stop showing NFL games until players stop kneeling during the anthem. Sounds stupid to me. The NFL’s television ratings are down, and cable providers are offering discounts on the NFL Red Zone package. He’s not the only person in Greenville with a television set.