WOW! What a Week.

North Carolina preacher Andrew Brunson has been imprisoned in Turkey since December 2016. His wife Norine has been praying that President Trump would help deliver her husband from the Turkish government. On the flip side, others have been praying that the Lord would deliver them from Trump.

And here we go…

Trump goes to the UN
If Trump wanted to talk bad about other countries, he could have stayed home and used Twitter. Instead he went to the United Nations to put folks on blast. He even threatened to destroy North Korea because of its dictator, Kim Jong Un. You have to feel sorry for the people of that country, stuck between a rock, a raging river and a hard place. The rock is Kim Jong Un, the raging river is Donald Trump, and the hard place…well, that’s Dennis Rodman.

Troubles mount for Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart really put his little foot in it this time. His alleged jump-off has hired an attorney who specializes in embarrassing men. Attorney Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred, was hired to combat claims that Hart was being extorted for money. The video I saw was probably the least graphic of what was possibly recorded. It looked a little grainy, but I think it showed Kevin Hart talking to some tall woman. But then again, he is 5’ 4” so everyone looks tall.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick sits
Another quarterback, not named Colin Kaepernick, was hired this week. The Jacksonville Jaguars signed former New York Giant Ryan Nassib. The last time he took a snap was in December 2015. Good luck finding stats on his playing career. And for anyone who thinks this will cause a quarterback controversy, don’t. The other quarterbacks on the team are mediocre too.

Billy Bush opens up
Disgraced correspondent Billy Bush was talking to Robin Roberts about the Access Hollywood video. You know the one. He said his 16-year-old daughter was hurt by what she saw. He later revealed that he and his wife of 20 years are separating. He also said he’s still unemployed (insert record scratch). You mean a first cousin to Jeb and George Bush can’t get work? And Sean Spicer is on the Emmys?

Who will protect Trump Jr?
Donald Trump Jr. has decided to ditch his Secret Service protection. Trump Sr.’s 18-member family has put a strain on the Secret Service program. More than 1,000 agents have already met salary and overtime allowances to last an entire year. At this current time, we don’t know who will be taking over guard duties. I can safely say it won’t be the Fruit of Islam.

Wanted: lots of black actors
Amazon is developing a show called “Black America,” where freed slaves secured the Southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as reparations for slavery. HBO is developing a show called “Confederate,” where the Southern states successfully seceded and slavery survives. AMC is developing a show on the Black Lives Matter movement. With all these shows in production, it should guarantee black actors and actresses plenty of work — unless Hollywood does the usual and hires one black comedian for all the roles.

Have a great weekend, folk. I’m out…


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