LaMonica Cuthbertson, Different by Design Hair Salon, Charlotte, NC
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For many women, our hair is our crowning glory. A woman’s hair can symbolize her femininity, her identity, her beauty, and even her liberation. Ultimately, it is the woman makes the final call on what her hair means to her.

As African American women, we visit the hair salon religiously and spend our time and hard-earned money on products and extensions. But what can we say? Making sure our hair is laid is of utmost importance.

But while we take care to look good, are we also taking the proper steps to ensure that our hair remains healthy?

To get a professional’s prospective, I sat with LaMonica Cuthbertson, a licensed hair stylist of 7 years and owner of Different by Design Hair Salon.

LaMonica opened her first salon in 2012 and a second location in 2016. Both are in the University area and together employ about 15 stylists.

Different by Design Hair Salon, Charlotte, NC

The salon was recently remodeled and has an elegant, chic, and modern vibe. The shop’s signature service is called “natural silkening,” which is a healthy technique to straighten natural hair, leaving it silky, bouncy, flowing and free of damage.

So what does it mean to have healthy hair?

“To have healthy hair means that is free from breakage, split ends, and isn’t shedding an abnormal amount of strands each day,” LaMonica says.


Look on your bathroom counter, sink and floor after you have brushed or combed your hair. If you see short segments of your hair strands, this is a sign of breakage. Excessive breakage overtime will lead to thin ends. And if you have thin ends, it’s time to let it go. Consider a hair cut and thank me later.

If, on the other hand, you see longer strands of your hair with a tiny white bulb at the end, this signifies hair that has shed directly from the scalp. For most women, it is completely normal to shed between 50 and 100 strands per day, and sometimes up to 150 strands.

Different by Design Hair Salon, Charlotte, NC

If you are experiencing excess shedding or breakage, you may want to consult a licensed hair stylist.

Here are LaMonica’s 5 Tips for healthy hair:

1. Perform treatments (protein and moisture) at least every 6-8 weeks.

2. Protect your hair nightly by using a bonnet, or silk scarf to tie your hair down.

3. Moisturize your hair every other day, if not daily.

4. Get your ends trimmed every 8-10 weeks.

5. Take daily multivitamins and drink water. Healthy skin and hair starts internally.

Until the end of the year, Different By Design is offering 10 percent off color services and $5 off haircuts for new clients. For current clients, she offers a referral program—refer a friend who has never visited the salon and get entered for a chance to win a $100 salon certificate.

What is you favorite hair salon in Charlotte, and what are some of your healthy hair routines? Share with other Qcitymetro readers in the comments section below or email me at