Seivelle Boayue

“Straighten your head and stop moving so much!”

Those were the words I heard as a girl, while I sat for hours and hours getting my hair done.

I would reach to touch my hair, wanting to know if we were almost done, only to be popped on the hand with the very comb that was causing me all the discomfort.

If your mother was anything like mine, you understand this struggle. And if you are anything like me, you spent quite some time afterward looking in the mirror, flipping your hair and admiring your mane — masterpiece!

Alas, the pain, tears, and what seemed like a lifetime, was completely worth it.

My name is Seivelle Boayue (Civ-elle Boy-you). To friends and family, I am simply Seieda (Say-ee-da). My enthusiasm for beauty led me to Qcitymetro, where I will write a beauty column every other Friday, starting today.

My goal is to start a conversation on this topic and shed light on beauty resources specific to our community. As people of color, we are keenly aware that one mold does not fit all. I want to offer solutions through local event coverage, discussion of hair and skin care, profiles of industry experts and professionals, product and service reviews, and much more.


My creative expression began as a child, trying on my mother’s clothes and high heels. From there I graduated to painting my nails and wearing make-up.  I would even practice styling and braiding my dolls’ hair.

Eventually, little girls grow up

I went on to college and discovered another creative outlet — modeling with a group on campus. This eventually led me to modeling in Charlotte’s very first Fashion Week, and many shows thereafter.

As time progressed, I continued to develop my knowledge of hair products and makeup, often using myself as the test dummy. From weaves to wigs to crochets to braids to even rocking my natural hair – I’ve probably tried it all.

Unintentionally, I was becoming that go-to person for friends, family and even strangers. Among my inner circle, I somehow became the designated hair and beauty expert.

Am I a true expert? No. Do I have significant insight? I’d like to think I do. Am I passionate about health, hair and beauty as it pertains to the African American community? Absolutely.

A new chapter begins

So, let’s connect! Let’s talk about our beautiful shades of melanin. Let’s talk about our kinks, coils and curls. Let’s talk about our weaves, relaxers and natural hair. Let’s talk about make-up, skin care and even fashion.

Gentleman, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. I’m hoping you will join the conversation as well.

What are your beauty challenges? What would you like to learn more about?  I invite you to connect with me to share topics for discussion or even just to say hello.

I want to extend a special invitation to all the beauty-industry professionals in the Charlotte area. I want to gain your insight and share your knowledge with Qcitymetro readers. I also want to write about all the great things you are doing as entrepreneurs.

If you have thoughts or story ideas, email I look forward to starting this conversation.