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Entrepreneurs Business Solutions (EBS): A Faith-Based Approach to Entrepreneurship

Our approach is simple — we take your vision and help you make it a reality.

Entrepreneurs Business Solutions (EBS) provides startups and small businesses, religious organizations and non-profits with solutions to many of their strategic challenges.

We are not a consulting company – we are comprehensive business advisors who specialize in working hand-in- hand with our clients to develop a strategic mindset, build creative business models and execute innovation effectively.

Our philosophy is based on Christian principles, which put God at the forefront of every decision we make.

Our approach is simple – we take your vision and help you make it a reality.


1001 Entrepreneurial Mindset From A Kingdom Perspective (Part 1 and 2)
Understanding the entrepreneurial mental make-up from both a biblical and secular perspective. What are the key factors that drive Christ-centered entrepreneurial companies? How do entrepreneurs develop or identify new ideas and bring them to market? What must biblical entrepreneurs consider in connection with generating new business ideas?

1002 Building Christ-Centered Business Models and Plans
Building a business model that reflects biblical principles and creates long-term value for your customers is critical to your success as an entrepreneur. How do entrepreneurs identify value from conducting business model analysis, design and validation? Business plans are the primary tools used to raise funds from investors and manage business activities effectively. This course teaches biblical entrepreneurs how to develop comprehensive values-based business plans that help them achieve their desired goals.

1003 Funding Business Ventures – A Bold Step of Faith
Evaluate and secure funding from the various sources available.  Learn how to develop the most convincing case to advance your projects and make them attractive to like-minded investors. This course will give entrepreneurs a strong understanding of the various ways to raise capital and how to develop an effective capital strategy. You will learn how to avoid unknowingly compromising your Christ-Centered values by accepting certain types of funding.

1004 Strategy Driven Value Creation – A Biblical World View
Many companies shape their strategy on simple concepts not complex processes.  Entrepreneurs must strike a balance and encourage an environment of structured chaos designed to create a continuous value proposition. Entrepreneurs learn to encourage innovation and/or value creation that embodies biblical principles.

1005 Marketing Value Creation (Creating demand)
Successful business ventures provide products and services that take customer’s needs into account at every stage of development.  In this course entrepreneurs will learn how and why marketing throughout all phases of value creation is important. Upon completion of this course you will have a working understanding of how to use Google Analytics to enhance your marketing efforts.

1006 Godly Leadership and Team Building
Trust, servitude, harmony, teamwork, honest communication, and delegation are several of the key aspects of companies that have effective leadership. A fragmented culture without moral values or a conviction to do the right thing will inevitably destroy a business regardless of how successful it may appear to be today. Learn the godly leadership skills necessary to build a strong positive and consistent culture that drives customer solutions.

1007 Christian Entrepreneurs Forum – Sharing Their Testimonies
Christian Entrepreneurs openly share their testimonies in connection with starting and running Christ-centered businesses. Hear about the faith walks that these successful entrepreneurs took to get to where they are today. Learn first hand how they persevered through various trials and disappointments to fulfill their calling. There are no course materials, just an opportunity to take notes and ask questions.

1008 Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
This course emphasizes the use of financial data in connection with the decision making process. Entrepreneurs will learn how to become better users of financial information so they can be more strategic leaders.

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