Traveler: Valerie Royal

Destination: Cape Town, South Africa

Why did you choose this destination?

I’ve always had an interest in South Africa and found that airfare specials to this part of the continent were frequent.

How long did you stay?

14 days, hopping between cities — Johannesburg, Cape Town and a side trip to Namibia

Did you travel as part of a tour group?


What was your best sightseeing experience?

Cape of Good Hope, where you can literally run up on wildlife. It was amazing!

What was your best food experience?

The restaurants at V&A Waterfront, including Baia Seafood, were delicious.

What did you like least about your visit?

So much to do, so little time. The city has everything you can imagine. I liken it to San Francisco with its wine country, and at the same time it is comparable to Miami with the beaches. You can go wine tasting, parasailing, safari and shopping in one trip.

Any advice for making the trip a better experience?

Take advantage of the opportunity to city hop. South Africa has several regional airlines, comparable to Southwest Airlines, making it very affordable to hop between Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and other parts of South Africa.

Aside from airfare, how much should a visitor budget per day for hotel, travel, food, entertainment, etc?

$75, depending on the current exchange rate. The conversion rate was 14 Rand to the dollar when I was there. That’s a lot of money. We used Uber a lot, or you can hire drivers.

Would you recommend this destination to a friend?


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