A Drunken, Sad Song to Barack Obama

It's been a month since former President Barack Obama left the White House, and Qcitymetro contributor D. Barbara McWhite is feeling poetic.

I saw your picture the other day
you looked so happy
didn’t look my way
smiling brightly, without a care
arms up, showing all your armpit hair!

Do you miss me?
miss me
miss me

Out on the water with someone new.
Back on shore, all I do,
is think of you.
Behind the dark shades – is that a tear
Is it true? You miss me too, my dear?

Come home to me
home to me
home to me

Since you left there is a another face
someone who thinks that
he can take your place
His orange complexion and his tiny hands
can’t take your place, cause you’re my man.

Oh, I need you now
need you now
need you now

Please turn your hat around and come back home
take off the jeans,
put your suit back on.
Come back to me now! Hurry fast!
Before a shark bite’s your ass!

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Come back to me Barry
come back
come back

Please don’t let this be the end
If we can’t be in love,
let”s just be friends.
Don’t leave me alone like this
…with him!

Barry, Barry, Barry
Come home!

D. Barbara McWhite
D. Barbara McWhite grew up in York County, S.C., and now lives in Orange Park, Fla.
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