When the Heart Dreams is a daylong event for those who love to read romance novels, featuring 16 authors. To get you in the mood, Qcitymetro asked the featured authors to tell us what makes a man irresistible or desirable. And we challenged readers to do the same. Here are the winning entries.

My man is irresistible in many ways. I was attracted to him by his dark hair and blue eyes, as well as his self-confidence. His sarcastic sense of humor fits in with my dry wit perfectly. Sometimes I just have to look at him and we both start laughing at something we haven’t said out loud. His kindness and patience with children endear him, my husband of 37 years, to me. — AMY

Let’s see. What do I find irresistible about my man. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s ALWAYS there when I need to escape from life. He’s dedicated, he’s strong and independent, but sometime’s he needs a gentle touch. He’s well versed, well spoken and smooth. Handsome? He’s tall and dark..sometimes light or fair complexioned, but he’s never without fault. At times he can be jealous or controlling, but that’s easily squelched with just the right turn of phrase. He’s a man of his word…or words…he takes pleasure in the knowledge that he brings me pleasure…even if it’s of the written variety. Who is my irresistible man? Well, you’ve all written him. He is created by you in each book you publish and word you write. You’ve given voice to every desire I would have in a man and you’ve brought him to life with each book that crosses my path. — CASSANDRA

ICYMI: Here’s what the romance pros, like Kianna Alexander, Andria Gaskins and Sabrina Jeffries, find irresistible or desirable in a man. At the When the Heart Dreams event on Saturday, Feb. 11, you can chat with these authors, enjoy games and prizes, readings, a luncheon, book signings and a closing-night theme party.

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The irresistible man possesses kindness, confidence, and a sense of humor. He’s masculine in a way that’s not defined by outside forces, yet sensitive enough to understand the needs of his partner…. Read more

Andria Gaskins

What makes a man irresistible, Part II

My dream man is strong and manly without being a bully or brutish. He’s not carrying my purse, but he’ll make sure there’s some money in it. The only feminine side he wants to get in touch with is mine. Since I’m a little on the plus side, my dream guy is big and tall, that way I feel petite whenever he’s around…. Read more

Sabrina Jeffries

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What makes a man desirable to me is self-confidence. And I don’t mean arrogance, which is TOO much confidence.  I mean, an awareness of one’s own worth that makes a person comfortable in their own skin…. Read more