When the Heart Dreams is a daylong event for those who love to read romance novels, featuring 16 authors. To get you in the mood, Qcitymetro asked the featured authors to tell us what makes a man irresistible or desirable. Read on for your chance to win tickets to this Feb. 11 event.

Andria Gaskins

Andria Gaskins:  More than Good Looks
My dream man is strong and manly without being a bully or brutish. He’s not carrying my purse, but he’ll make sure there’s some money in it. The only feminine side he wants to get in touch with is mine. Since I’m a little on the plus side, my dream guy is big and tall, that way I feel petite whenever he’s around. And he has a shiny bald head. (Bald heads are my thing.) My dream man is more than his good looks. He makes me laugh, but he’s not a clown. He’s thoughtful and considerate and knows how to make me feel good about myself. He’s uplifting and would never drag me down. He’s just an all-around nice guy and an amazing kisser.
Andria Gaskins writes inspirational romance.  She is a prize-winning cook turned romance novelist and has appeared on the Food Network and Cooking Channel.  Andria married her passion for food and family in a love story that captures the joys and frustrations of getting older, starting over and falling in love for the second time in her book, “A Second Helping”. www.andriagaskins.com.

Beth Williamson

Beth Williamson: Simple Things
“What makes a man irresistible? How he treats the people in his life, especially his lady. A man who opens car doors, holds her hand, makes sure she is always thought of first. That’s what makes my heart pitty-pat. A handsome man is always a plus, but that’s not the most important thing. A man who treats others well is incredibly sexy. Especially if he cooks you breakfast in bed. ? ”
Beth Williamson is New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of historical and contemporary genres.  She holds a special place in her heart for cowboys and all they stand for. She loves hard men, strong women and hot romance.   www.bethwilliamson.com

Brea Viragh

Brea Viragh: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
What makes a man irresistible? To the point where you see him and a tingle spreads from your abdomen to your outer extremities? There are too many things to count. The dark lengths of his eyelashes, the way his hand reaches out to touch you on impulse, a set of shoulders wide enough to have a hard time fitting through a doorway… Let’s get beyond the physical for a moment, although our jobs as romance writers dictate for us to focus on the visceral reactions. For me, respect makes a man desirable. I’m not talking about holding open doors or always taking care of the check when you go out to dinner. It’s the simple respect of a request fulfilled. If you’d asked me as a teenager, I may have said ‘blond hair and blue eyes.’ In my mid-twenties, I may have said ‘a taste for adventure and a sense of humor.’ The depth comes in as an adult, when you focus on the simple things in life, the small characteristics that make a world of difference. Any man can be good looking. An irresistible man is the one who can treat you as you deserve to be treated.”
Brea Viragh writes Contemporary and Paranormal Romance and is the author of the “Promise Me Series”  www.breaviragh.com

Vivienne Hunt

Vivienne Hunt:  Strong Sense of Self
Strength of character has to be at the top of my list for what makes a man desirable. Notice, I didn’t say physical strength. Men who have a good sense of who they are, and what they want out of life – is in its own way – quite sexy. Attraction comes in many forms and a man’s strong sense of being is very, very desirable.
Vivienne Hunt writes toe-curling, taboo, romance that will leave you breathless for more.  Her sultry-blog, “Sexy-Talk” discusses everything from lingerie to fun toys for the bedroom to how to better communicate with your lover.  www.viviennehunt-romance.com

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