When the Heart Dreams is a daylong event for those who love to read romance novels, featuring 16 authors. To get you in the mood, Qcitymetro asked the featured authors to tell us what makes a man irresistible. Read on for your chance to win tickets to this Feb. 11 event.

Synithia Williams

Synithia Williams: Good Hands
A man who’s handy around the house is desirable. Over the years my husband has surprised me by being able to change the alternator in my car, put down hardwood floors, and even build a screened in porch on our old house. If I need it, he can build/do it, and I love that about him.
Synithia Williams is a writer of contemporary southern and spicy romances as hot as their southern setting. www.synithiawilliams.com

Kianna Alexander

Kianna Alexander: Soul Man
The irresistible man possesses kindness, confidence, and a sense of humor. He’s masculine in a way that’s not defined by outside forces, yet sensitive enough to understand the needs of his partner. He’s well-groomed, speaks with authority and states his case without belittling others. In public, dignity, and respect guide his actions. In the bedroom, he shares both body and soul with his lover.
Kianna Alexander writes historical, contemporary and paranormal romance.  She will make you fall in love between the pages of a book.  www.authorkiannaalexander.com

Holly Mosley Cooper

Holly Mosley Cooper: Let’s talk
I have always found a man in a suit irresistible.  Even if he has a blue-collar job, he can get it if he dresses up for me on the regular.  I am not hung up on money.  I like a lot of attention, though.  Ask me about my day.  Ask me about my dreams. Tell me about yours.  My dream man has to be able to carry on a mentally stimulating conversation. My dream man will make me feel like I’m the center of his universe.
Holly Mosley Cooper writes erotica romance. Learn more about her latest books series, “Confessions of a Reformed Cougar.”  www.confessionsofareformedcougar.com

Kathy Mizera

Kathy Mizera: Pure at Heart
I think a dream man is comprised of many different things because the very essence of the question is a fantasy — a dream man ostensibly wouldn’t be real. So looks would have to be first — tall and sexy and strong. Followed by intelligence because I couldn’t be with a man I couldn’t talk to about a multitude of things. Money would be the third requirement — not a billionaire, but simply a man who works hard and is mature enough to live a comfortable life. Finally, a good heart. A man who is loving, faithful and kind. All of the other things don’t mean anything if a man doesn’t love you, cheats or treats you like an afterthought. 
Kathy Mizera is hockey fan and writes sexy, romantic fiction that she hopes makes you as happy as it makes her. There’s something enticing about hockey players and romance! www.katmizera.com

Tell us why you find a man irresistible or desirable and WIN TICKETS:

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