Cheron Porter

Name: Cheron Porter

Moved from: Baltimore, Maryland

How long have you lived in Charlotte? 1.4 years

Occupation: Senior Vice President of Public Relations

Hobbies: Crossfit working, traveling, great food, spending time with friends and family, mentoring

What brought you here? I was offered a position with the Charlotte Housing Authority and thought I would try out the Queen City. I had heard a lot about Charlotte being an up-and-coming city, and my mom is planning to retire here, so I took the leap!

What do you like best about Charlotte? I think Charlotte is a beautiful city. I absolutely love driving or walking through some of the neighborhoods and seeing such beautiful homes. I am originally from New Jersey, so the Southern hospitality is amazing. From the cashier at Walgreen to the gentlemen who fix my car, to my coworkers, the people are just the best.

What do you like least about Charlotte? Exit 23 on Interstate 77

How do you hope to get involved in the community? Being a volunteer and mentoring young people is my passion. I have a long history with the Urban League, and one of my greatest joys is being able to connect with and encourage young girls. While sitting in a meeting learning about University City Partners, I learned about Girls on the Run. As a former track runner, the idea of mentoring young girls around fitness was a perfect fit, and it would be a great way to feel apart of the Charlotte community. In September, I coached elementary school girls from 3rd to the 5th grade, and we ran our 5k (my first) in December. It was a great experience!

What’s been your most memorable moment since moving here? I’d have to say completing the Girls on the Run 5k. I ran/walked with a few girls who didn’t have running partners. While I had made connections with many of the girls, I wasn’t sure about these two. By the end of the race, I realized we had connected. Prayerfully, at some point in the future, a lesson I taught or something I said will help them make a positive choice.

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