Name: Lo’an Sewer

Moved From: Washington D.C. area

How long have you lived in Charlotte? 1 year

Occupation: Marketing Manager, Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture

Hobbies: Reading, dancing, traveling.

What brought you here? I first visited Charlotte in 2009 on business. I worked in tourism sales and was here for one week to meet with travel agents. Something about it clicked, and I thought to myself that if I ever felt compelled to relocate to another city, Charlotte would be the perfect place. I think it was the tree canopy and ease of the downtown area that got me. I visited a few more times and still felt that pull, so in 2015 after spending some time back in my hometown of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, I took the leap and moved to Charlotte.

What do you like best about Charlotte? I most like that it doesn’t take too long to get around. After sitting in traffic for more than an hour on a daily basis, 15-20 minutes is a fantastic commuting time! I was also amazed at how willing professionals in my field were to connect me with their contacts throughout my job search. That’s not something to take lightly.

What do you like least about Charlotte? Unless you have a car, it can be a bit challenging to get around, so I wish that the rail was a bit more widespread throughout the city limits. I’m looking forward to that continued expansion.

How do you hope to get involved in the community? I’ve become involved in the local chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and with my church. However, I would like to serve on a board for an arts-related organization. Music and the arts were a huge part of my youth, so if I can use my expertise to make the arts even more accessible for the community, then I will.

What’s been your most memorable moment since moving here? My most memorable moment is a toss-up between experiencing the Speedway Christmas last year and taking part in the Arts and Science Council’s Culture Feast in September.

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