With the cast of "Forever 4 What"

Last week I saw the remake of The Magnificent Seven. I’m an avid western movie kind of gal, so I had my doubts about a 60-year-old Denzel Washington holding it down as bounty hunter Sam Chisolm as he and six other gunmen defended a small town against thieves. But much to my delight, Washington held it down, swagger and all. If you love westerns, or if you are holding a torch for the handsome actor, thumbs up for this magnificent performance.

With Charlotte’s curfew and the cancellation of many events last week, I dropped in to see the play “Forever 4 What” at Duke Energy Theater at Spirit Square. The play basically is about infidelity in a couple’s marriage. It was definitely interesting to watch, forcing theatergoers to ask themselves how much is too much, and what would you consider a deal breaker in your relationship? I hated if you missed. Hats off to my friend, director Kenya Nicole Phifer-Jones of The Legacy Theatre Production Company.

Now for my weekend picks. I hope to see you on the town.


Bacon Fest ~ We love bacon! You definitely don’t want to miss out this weekend on the Sycamore Brewing Bacon Fest. Whether it’s bacon sliders, smoke bacon mac & cheese or chocolate cake with bacon on top, the smell of delicious bacon treats will be waiting for you at the South End Food Truck Friday. Sycamore Brewing (2161 Hawkins Street) Time: 5 pm -10 pm. More info.


Jerk Fest ~ Treat your taste buds to jerk chicken and other delightful dishes at the 3rd Annual Jerk Festival. Enjoy food, entertainment, live music, and much more. Location: CenterStage at Noda (2315 N. Davidson Street). Time: 12 pm – 9pm. More info.


‘Street Fight’ ~ This documentary follows the fierce 2002 mayoral campaign in Newark, N.J., in which the Cory Booker attempted to unseat longtime mayor Sharpe James. It explores the dirty politics facing a newcomer trying to unseat an incumbent supported by established interests. This 2008 Oscar-nominee film is a must see before any election. September 30 – Oct 1. Cost: $9.25. Location: Warehouse Performing Arts Center (9216 Westmoreland Road, Cornelius). More info.

To see a larger listing of local events, visit the Qcitymetro events page at www.qcity2021.flywheelstaging.com/events.

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Toni Baker-Tyson is an entertainment columnist for Qcitymetro.com. She enjoys being a social butterfly out on the town, loves live music, the arts, and foreign films. Her passion is volunteering with the...