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Matthew Morrell Comer

Did Charlotte Observer sports writer Scott Fowler miss the mark with his commentary on HB2? Matthew Morrell Comer, the former Q-Notes editor and defender of LGBT rights, certainly thinks so, and he said so forcefully in a Facebook a post.

#HB2 has been trending since the NBA pulled the 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte. In case you missed it, House Bill 2 (aka “The Bathroom Bill”) requires transgender people in public buildings to use restrooms matching the gender printed on their birth certificates. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has called the law discriminatory. You can read more about it here or here. Or watch this video to hear what #CharlesBarkley and #StephCurry think.

In his July 22 column, Fowler laments Charlotte’s All-Star loss.

If all sides had been flexible, he said, Charlotte would still be hosting next year’s hoop-arama – and reaping the $100 million in economic benefits:

“In a world with so many real problems, we in North Carolina managed to fabricate a controversy out of bathroom walls and thin air. I don’t care what side you’re on – you just lost…

“Both sides simply entrenched themselves deep inside their own foxholes. You would think they were trying to negotiate the end of a world war with how impossible so many people made it seem to forge a reasonable compromise. Of course a compromise could have happened.

“You can have a backbone and still be able to bend.”

Comer was far from impressed:

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