Say hello to Joseph E. Kimbrough, Qcity Newcomer

He came to Charlotte on short visit to teach at a leadership conference, but that was when he met the woman who is now his fiance.

Editor’s Note: This feature is part of a series spotlighting people who’ve lived in Charlotte for less than a year. If that sounds like you (or someone you know) we’d like to share your story. Here’s a link to our Newcomers Submission Form.

Joseph E. Kimbrough
Joseph E. Kimbrough

Name: Joseph E. Kimbrough

Moved From: Detroit, Michigan

How long in Charlotte: 3 Months

Occupation: Executive/Owner, Game On Leadership Institute, LLC

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Hobbies: Swimming, Baseball, Writing, Dancing, Traveling

What brought you here? After years of serving as director of family life and empowerment at Triumph Church and executive/owner of Game On Leadership Institute, I moved to the Washington, D.C., area to kick off my new book on the east coast. After just settling in there, I was asked to do a leadership conference at Victories of Faith Community Church in Huntersville, NC. During the conference, I was not only introduced to a beautiful young lady, who has become my fiance, but weeks later I was asked to become the executive pastor at Victories of Faith.  Considering that the ink had not dried on my new lease in D.C., it was grace and mercy that allowed me to break it with no issue. Charlotte seems to be a melting pot for greatness, and it has refueled my desire to continue to help others reach their dreams and bring restoration within the community.

What do you like best about Charlotte? Being a renowned speaker, entrepreneur, educator, engineer, professor, radio host and author, Charlotte has the best ecosystem to support individuals in developing and executing an idea into a scalable, viable venture, which is the hallmark of an entrepreneur.

What do you like least? The pine pollen, which has caused me to have sinus issues, which I have never experienced until I moved here.

How do you hope to get involved in the community? Since relocating to the Charlotte area, I have been asked to motivate a group of young men at a juvenile facility. I have launched a book tour in the area and I am currently in the process of starting a nonprofit leadership program for juveniles once they leave juvenile facilities.

What’s been your most memorable moment since moving here? Meeting my fiance while doing what I do best — empowering others to be leaders, and it doesn’t hurt that she also shares the same passion.

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