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Could the Carolina Panthers really go undefeated this year?

After dismantling the Dallas Cowboys 33-14 on Thanksgiving Day, the absolutely could go undefeated, say some NFL analysts on Fox Sports, who see little standing in the way of a 16-0 season for the Panthers. The biggest remaining threat – the Atlanta Falcons.

The Panthers will play the Falcons twice in thee weeks, the first game on Dec. 13 at Bank of America Stadium. Some question whether the Panthers can take two straight against their division rivals in such a short period. (The Falcons have a record of 6-4)

Charlotte Observer columnist Scott Fowler says it’s not too early to begin talking about an undefeated season, “although I believe it remains unlikely,” he added.

The Panthers have jumped every obstacle in their path, though, including this “three-games-in-12-days” grouping,” Fowler wrote. “…As for Dallas, the Cowboys were no road block and really not much of a speed bump.”

Another possible threat to an undefeated season: As the playoffs near, will coach Ron Rivera rest some of his best players to get them healthy, giving late-season opponents a better chance at winning?