Cam Newton
Carolina Panthers quarterback speaks to the team's need to improve and the development of rookie wide receiver Devin Funchess. Plus, the most important number.

Can the Carolina Panthers get any better? Apparently, quarterback Cam Newton thinks so.

After the team’s 44-16 drubbing of the NFL’s Washington franchise on Sunday, Newton spoke with reporters about the team’s need to improve.

“We can’t allow ourselves to get lax,” he said. “We’re on a wave now. Winning covers up a lot of things, and we can’t get complacent with the victories…”

In case anyone is counting, the Panthers are now 10-0 on the season and have won 15 of their last 16 games dating back to the 2014 season.

For his part, Newton threw for five touchdowns and hardly ran the ball at all, proving that he can win effectively with his arm as well as with his legs. In facts, some some sports analysts are now talking about Newton as a possible MVP candidate, right up there with New England’s Tom Brady

The Panthers next face the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving day.