Starbucks Red Holiday Cups
Christian culturalists are bracing for war with Starbucks because some feel the company's new holiday cups are not Christmasy enough. (Photo: Starbucks)

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SouthPark Glacier
After announcing that it would replace its traditional Christmas tree with a faux glacier, SouthPark Mall reversed course in the face of growing complaints.

Starbucks. SouthPark Mall. University of Missouri. What do these have in common?

If you guessed that each became a target of protests and backlash, then step to the head of the class. — but don’t equate the three as equal.

Starbucks angered Christian culturalists who say the company’s new holiday cups, devoid of religious symbols, are an attack on our nation’s faith-based heritage. Ditto SouthPark Mall, which tried (and failed) to replace its traditional Christmas tree with a faux glacier.

Then there’s the University of Missouri, where black students — descendants of America’s original sin — helped force the resignation of President Tim Wolfe, who acted slowly to address a string of racial incidents on campus.

Isn’t it odd that those who’ve enjoyed privilege here for more than 400 years now cast themselves as victim? Yet few, I suspect, would find the slightest cause with the Mizzou protesters or the Black Lives Matter movement.

Somehow, they’ve lost historical perspective.

More than 25,000 people signed an online petition demanding that SouthPark bring back the Christmas tree, but fewer than 400 signed a similar petition demanding that a Charlotte restaurant remove statues that offended some Latinos in our community.

Hypocrisy much.

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