Date: 2015-03-13 19:00:00
Time: 2015-03-13 19:00:00
End Time: 2015-03-13 21:00:00
Cost: $5
Venue: LATIBAH Collard Green Museum
Address: 720 Tuckaseegee Road Charlotte NC 28208

It was a time marked by utmost turmoil and chaos. It was a time of a people asserting themselves while being met with the greatest of political and social resistance. It was also the time of freelance murders and unchecked violence against those most vulnerable. This was the era of the civil rights movement during the 50?s and 60?s. It was fear and fearlessness for freedom and those seeking it. Find out what does it mean to be a legislated people? What are alienable versus inalienable rights? Hueman rights versus civil rights? What is the political climate that there is an undeniable walk backwards towards undoing those gains of the 1960?s? Come join LATIBAH Talk as these issues are discussed on Friday, March 13th at 7:00pm.

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