Date: 2014-03-11 21:00:00
Time: 2014-03-11 21:00:00
End Time:
Cost: $18
Venue: Neighborhood Theatre
Unstoppable….is the word that ¬first comes to mind when the name Snarky Puppy comes up. Under the determined leadership of bassist Michael League, The 2014 Grammy Nominated cast of seasoned performers are on a musical mission to reshape the world of jazz fusion. One look at the list of credits will tell the story of their credentials – players from the top bands in a variety of genres. Their rise is a story of determination, persistence, and high caliber musicianship, but it is also a story of fun. Snarky Puppy carries a positive and upbeat outlook around the world, and fans get it. From college students to mature jazz fans, the audiences respond in kind to the Pups message of, well, FUN.

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