Kenneth Holloway: Qcity Newcomer

This former Detroit resident discovered North Carolina while serving in the military. Since then, he has come to Charlotte each year for vacation. Seven months ago, he decided to make it his home.

Editor’s Note: We all know that Charlotte is a city of newcomers and transplants. We introduce this feature to spotlight individuals and families who have moved here within the last 12 months. If that sounds like you, tell us your story. If you know someone else, send them a link and invite them to participate.

Kenneth Holloway
Kenneth Holloway

Name: Kenneth Holloway

Moved from: Detroit, MI

Occupation: Electrical Grid Management

Hobbies: Hiking, reading, biking and trying new activities

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How long in Charlotte: 7 months

What brought you here? I served in two branches of the military (Marines & Army). My last tour was in Jacksonville, NC. I have wanted to return since leaving the military. I actually took a job to move to Charlotte as opposed to people who move somewhere because of a job. Mine was just the opposite. Prior to moving here, every year for vacation since 2003, I have always come to Charlotte for vacation. Charlotte is a big city, but it has that small town, country feel to it. In Detroit, there’s a lot of hustle and bustle, but it’s very laid back here. And the location is just great – you can go to Atlanta, Virginia, even as far as Jacksonville, Fla. It’s the perfect location for a weekend getaway. You’ve got everything from the beach to the mountains.

Most memorable moment: My first day at my current employer. Nothing particular happened on that day; it just felt great to know I had made it to the Queen City.

What do you like best? Charlotte has been wonderful since I moved here. Everything I expected and more. The location is perfect. There are so many places to visit and enjoy within North Carolina as well as the surrounding states.

What do you like least? As to be expected, the transportation infrastructure is not meeting the population growth.

How have you gotten involved here? Since being here I have participated in the Heart Walk as well as a breast cancer walk

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How would you like to get involved? One of the things I did for several years in Detroit was a group called Real Men Read. That’s where we go into classrooms of second and third graders to get them more interested in reading. I would go in and read with the kids for one hour a week. I would like to do something like that here.

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