First Fellowship Ministries of Charlotte

Founded: 2006

Address: 7700 Lawyers Road (Map)

Phone: 704-535-5088


Membership: 150

Denomination: Nondenominational

Pastor: James Bradford Humphrey III

Worship Services
Sunday Service: 10 a.m.
Sunday School: 8:45 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study: 7 p.m.

Q. What makes your church unique?

We all as a body stand together in a large room, and that is the room of improvement, and God is making us all over to become just what he wants us to be.

Q. What is the church’s vision?

Our vision is to go out and spread the Gospel and compel men and women, boys and girls to come and be saved by the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Q. What are the church’s core beliefs?

Our core belief is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he died upon a cross for our sins, was buried, and rose again with the victory to save all mankind.

Q. What ministries and programs are offered?

We have Intercessory Prayer Ministry, where we stand in the gap for those who are in need of reassurance and in need of strength and encouragement. Also we have a Forgiving Ministry that we work with. It is a larger group, and it is geared to helping those prison family members, to keep them steady as their family member is incarcerated. We have Health & Wellness, to make sure that not only are our spiritual needs being met but our physical bodies as well. We could go on, but those are the core ministries.

Q. What are the greatest strengths of the church?

God has given First Fellowship a great mixture of people with many gifts. They are using those gifts that God has given them to really build up the body and then to be a blessing to others in the community. This is one of the things we look forward to in the new location. With those gifts god has given us – teachers, financial planners, people with all types of backgrounds and information – we want to share with the community, become the community church, where people find a resource for their spiritual needs but also their everyday lives. (Editor’s Note: The congregation held its first worship service at the Lawyers Road location on Oct. 20, 2013.)

Q. How do you foster spiritual growth for individuals in the church?

We have a fantastic worship service, a great choir. Fellowship is wonderful. And then we also have Sunday School, Bible Study and Prayer Meeting. All of those things work together to enhance our spiritual growth.
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