Nikki Hitchens: Qcity Newcomer

This former Ohio resident moved to Charlotte about three months ago after hearing good things about the city. Now here, she wants to use horseback riding as therapy for children with emotional or behavioral problems.

Editor’s Note: We all know that Charlotte is a city of newcomers and transplants. We introduce this feature to spotlight individuals and families who have moved here within the last 12 months. If that sounds like you, tell us your story. If you know someone else, send them a link and invite them to participate.

Nikki Hitchens
Nikki Hitchens

Name: Nikki Hitchens

Moved From: Grove City, Ohio

Occupation: Accounting Assistant

Hobbies: Horseback riding

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How long in Charlotte? About 3 months

What brought you here? Wanted a change from Ohio and the weather there. I had heard nothing but good things about Charlotte and that it was a really nice place to live.

Most memorable moment: Friend came from Ohio for birthday weekend and had a great time in the Uptown area with all the different things going on

What do you like best? There are always plenty of different things going on around the city for any type of desired day or evening out

What do you like least? Not enough African American equestrians. Also, a lot of establishments seem to close too early.

How have you gotten involved here? I haven’t really gotten involved too much. I’ve just been trying to get settled in.

How would you like to get involved? I’m actually trying to get involved in the black community with equine activities. It’s something that a lot of kids, especially black kids, don’t get to do. I got involved with horses in Columbus, taking them to different events. I kind of want to do that here. They seem to be very therapeutic for kids who have behavioral problems or emotional problems, and it seems to kind of turn them around. I have been riding for 10 years now. It’s relaxing. If you have things on you mind, it definitely helps.

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