Editor’s Note: We all know that Charlotte is a city of newcomers and transplants. We introduce this feature to spotlight individuals and families who have moved here within the last 12 months. If that sounds like you, tell us your story. If you know someone else, send them a link and invite them to participate.

Name: Tommy Watson

Moved from: Minneapolis, MN

Occupations: Education Consultant, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

Hobbies: Reading and spending time with my wife and kids

How long in Charlotte: Two and a half months

What brought you here: Charlotte has consistently ranked as one of the top cities for black families and black businesses, according to Black Enterprise Magazine. I decided Charlotte was the place I wanted to raise my family and grow my business. So here we are!

Most memorable moment: Seeing the excitement in my daughter’s face when she came from Minnesota to visit colleges here last year. She is now a proud sophomore at North Carolina A&T.

What do you like best: Charlotte is a beautiful city, and it is great to see the large number of African Americans doing well.

What do you like least: The Traffic. The traffic jams never seem to go away.

How have you gotten involved here: I recently volunteered with Our Foundation for Kids to hand out backpacks to families and students in the Charlotte area.

How would you like to get involved: I plan to continue volunteering with Our Foundation for Kids. I would love to provide hope and inspiration to CMS students by sharing my story of living in more than 25 locations in my childhood with drug-addicted parents to going on to achieve four college degrees, including a doctor of education. I want to let them know that they can achieve and be whatever they seek! Finally, my family and I are also seeking a church home as well. Making a difference is what I have been striving to do all of my life, and I am looking forward to joining forces with others in Charlotte to continue doing the same thing.

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