Editor’s Note: We all know that Charlotte is a city of newcomers and transplants. We introduce this feature to spotlight individuals and families who have moved here within the last 12 months. If that sounds like you, tell us your story. If you know someone else, send them a link and invite them to participate.

Jacy Linear
Jacy Linear

Name: Jacy Linear

Moved From: Detroit, Michigan

Occupation: Registered nurse

Hobbies: Singing, reading, exercise/ health

How long in Charlotte: 5 months

What brought you here: About to turn 50 and just wanted new surroundings and some excitement. My next 50 will be greater than the first 50!

Most memorable moment: Walking through uptown and discovering all the artwork and sculptures.

What do you like best: The cleanliness and vibrancy of uptown and the hundreds of parks and green spaces!

What do you like least: The traffic. No one knows how to drive under adverse conditions.

Plans for community involvement: I’d like to do some volunteer work in the schools and at some shelters. I would like to impact the lives of some young women.

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