Washington Heights opened in 1913, and was made to be a streetcar neighborhood for middle-income African Americans. Developers advertised it as a “new country” living lifestyle. The longing for the advertised benefits of suburban living became the inspiration for black families living in Washington Heights. This neighborhood lies two miles from Uptown Charlotte, and is the highest point around Charlotte. It’s been said that various streets among this neighborhood were named after prominent black leaders such as Davis Ave (present day Dundeen St.)., named after Dr. George E. Davis (Charlotte’s pioneer black professor), and the actual name of the area coming from Booker T. Washington. Local attractions include: The Excelsior Club (established in 1910), the Rev. W. H. Davenport House (built in the 1920s), the Rev. H. Wilson House (built in 1915), and the United House of Prayer (built in 1926).

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