NoDa, Charlotte’s historic arts distric, is considered to begin two miles north of uptown at North Davidson and 36th street. At one point, NoDa was a booming textile community with numerous mills to provide jobs.

According to, the last textile mill closed its doors in 1975, and in the next decade NoDa would be an area in transition.

A community lacking an industry or an identity was the perfect opportunity for newcomers to make NoDa what they wanted. When Paul Sires, Ava Lyons and two other artists arrived they saw the chance to make this a center for the arts,

The NoDa of today has a young, cultural feeling coming from its old buildings colored with urban graffiti.

NoDa is home to some of Charlotte’s most popular restaurants, breweries and art galleries. The Evening Muse is a popular art gallery with live music from local artists five days a week. Cabo Fish Taco is a blend of fresh Mexican dishes in an upbeat atmosphere. Late at night one can enjoy authentic French cuisine at the 24-hour Amelie’s bakery.

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