Grier Heights
Grier Heights is located near Randolph Road Park. Grier Heights has a rough history, but with the help of local churches, corporations and plain good citizens, the members of this community are fighting to see a full transformation of their beloved neighborhood. This community has good things going for it such as the Crossroads Community Development Corp. building 35 new homes to improve the area and provide better housing for its residents. The leaders at Antioch Baptist church hosted a gun buyback program where they gave gift cards to people who were willing to turn in their guns. The whole mission of the program was to get these guns off the street. With the combined efforts of leaders and citizens, Grier Heights will regain its reputation.

Plaza Midwood
Plaza Midwood was developed in the 1920’s as a streetcar suburb and is approximately one mile north east of uptown charlotte. Today, Plaza Midwood boast their diversity, and eclectic style. Through the years, the residents of Plaza Midwood have banded together to preserve and nurture their community. They have community programs were able bodied members assist the more elderly neighbors with task such as yard work. They also have many drives and donations to support causes within their community. The members of the community come together to enjoy activities such as bike rides and the fall crawl and the winter fling.

Wesley Heights
Wesley Heights is Charlotte’s only Historic District on the Westside. It was originally created in the 1920s by John Wadsworth, the owner of a nineteenth-century farm and Livery Stable. Wesley Heights was close to becoming a streetcar system but the idea never came to action. Today, Wesley Heights still maintains its historic charm.

Some local neighborhood attractions include: “Frasier Park,” “The Wadsworth Estate,” “Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Saints,” and restaurants such as, “Enderly Coffee,” “Pinky’s” and also “Savor.”

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