East Charlotte

East Charlotte is home to Charlotte’s largest concentration of immigrants. With that, many of the restaurants and stores cater to the diverse and multicultural needs of the community.

Not only known for its cultural diversity, East Charlotte has alternative cultural areas which are geared toward its distinct artic inhabitants. The strip-mall like shopping areas have unique, thrifted, and handmade items to purchase. Plaza-Midwood, which historically was built alongside a street car design, is one of East Charlottes’ cultural hubs. The strip of businesses on Central Ave is similar to Plaza-Midwood and has tattoo parlors, fooderies and clothing stores all unique to the area.

East Charlotte as a whole has seen better times. However with a recent rise in immigrants to the area, has not only caused a changing in character but also in demographics. This shift shows in the rise in the level of poverty in the area, but with the creative force fueling the area, there is much to see.

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