Melvin Smith

Lefonze Williams

Officers in the CMPD Animal Care and Control Unit shut down a dog-fighting operation in east Charlotte on Friday.

Melvin Smith, 46, and Lefonze Williams, 42, were arrested for alleged involvement in what police consider one of the largest dog-fighting operations they have ever investigated.

According to police, officers responded to a report that a residence at the 7800 block of Carelock Circle had several pit bulls in the back yard surrounded by a privacy fence. Police found numerous barking pit bulls chained to spikes in the back of the residence.

Animal Care and Control was called and saw evidence consistent with dog-fighting. Officers said they secured the area and obtained a search warrant while waiting on the residents to return.

When the suspects came to the residence they were questioned and arrested by police.
After investigating, officers said there were 27 animals on the property, including some injured dogs, paraphernalia for dog-fighting and a dog fighting arena.

Smith and Williams were charged with Felony Training Animals with the Purpose of Dog-Fighting and Baiting.

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