Nearly 400 Delegates for the Democratic National Convention were welcomed to the Wadsworth Estate this Sunday evening on South Summit Avenue. Judge Shirley Fulton, owner of the 100 year old estate, brings a warm, private celebration for Democratic delegates coming from Maryland and New Jersey.

The Wadsworth Estate is also a historical property that Judge Fulton said she’d love to showcase.

“This house has history,” said Judge Fulton. Before Judge Fulton owned the Estate, it was owned by George Pierce Wadsworth in 1911 who was a local businessman in the NC area.

After two other ownerships, Judge Fulton purchased the estate in 2001. Since then, she has evolved and restored the property into a welcoming home for DNC goers and other events.

Judge Fulton put forth a lot of effort into making this party possible. “I’ve worked with the event planner, the caterer, some of the sound people and the bartender,” she said.
Judge Fulton hired event planner Aisha Thomas to make all of this possible. With extravagant food at every corner, three entertainment stages, audio/visual staff and a tight end security, this was definitely a huge welcome for Delegates celebrating the DNC kickoff.

“This is an historic event. It’s history making. You want to be apart of history. You want to write history and it’s a once in a life time opportunity,” she said when asked what inspired her to create this party.

Judge Fulton also discusses her excitement for meeting people outside of North Carolina and other new opportunities that await her during the DNC.

“I want to form relationships and this is a great opportunity.”

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