Text: Luke 8 and 1 John 3:9

Ciara Lilly is a Charlotte-area writer. Her faith-based column, Fishers of Men, is published here each Monday. Opinions expressed are solely her own.

When I was a child, I was always afraid to swallow watermelon seeds. I thought that if I swallowed a seed, then one day I would wake up with a huge watermelon in my stomach. What an imagination!

Later in life I learned that indeed there was a seed planted inside of me…as well as inside you and everyone else in the world. When God created us, He planted a distinct seed inside each of us. He then gave us the responsibility to nurture our seeds so that they would produce what He purposed.

Consider the farmer. Each year he/she plants little seeds and spends however long it takes tending those seeds. He waters them, fertilizes them, (insert all that other stuff farmers do) until the seeds start to germinate and eventually manifest into something beautiful. At harvest time, the farmer goes out and collects what he has grown and shares it with the world.

See, each seed planted has served a greater purpose!

The same applies to the seeds planted within us. Just imagine what we could produce if we nurtured those seeds. What if your seed produced cures to illnesses that have baffled scientists? What if your seed produced positive social change? What if your seed led millions to experience God’s love?

One of the saddest occurrences in life is when someone dies with a seed left in them. This week, let’s start watering our seeds, talking to our seeds, believing in our seeds. Soon, that seed will blossom into something extraordinary — something the world has been waiting for.

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