Glenn H. Burkins
Glenn H. Burkins

The sound of an old Western movie (probably Clint Eastwood) or the voice of Archie Bunker from “All in the Family” blasting from the TV. The smell of popcorn cooking on the stove or an open peanut butter jar sitting on the countertop. The sight of three-fourths of the couch occupied by one body and a computer.

To anyone else, these things probably sound weird, like a mix of random habits strewn together. But for me, they’re the sights and sounds that remind me of my dad.

I absolutely hate peanut butter (besides the fact I’m allergic to it), and I often sigh (or groan to myself) when I realize that he’s holding the remote and I see what show is playing on TV-Land. But every now and then, I’ll join him in the den just to spend time with him. To me, sitting in the den in the middle of my parents is “family bonding time.”

This past week, I learned that a teacher from my alma mater, Northwest School of the Arts, passed away. He was also the father of one of my classmates. With Father’s Day weekend coming up, the news made me think how blessed I am to have such a great father still with me. I thought about how my dad defines what the word father means, although it’s not exactly your normal Webster’s dictionary definition.

He’s the one who used to kill the bugs in my room. Now he just tells me to grab the broom and do it myself. He’s the one who surprises me with helpful advice when I doubt he can even relate. He’s the one who wakes me up at all hours of the morning and night with his work on strange and never-ending house projects.

My dad makes me laugh with stories of his college days, like the time he got caught trying to date two girls at the same time in the same dorm on the same floor. But then I remember how he held my hand to help me get over a high school break-up. And last month, when I accidentally cut off my hair one night, he was the one who played a song reminding me that girls are not their hair.

Through the years, he not only made sure I had what I needed, he also made sure I knew how to behave and work. And while I think he’s glad to see me when I come home from college, he constantly reminds me that the day is coming when I need to start looking for a job or internship.

There are still days when he fusses at me and he may not be perfect, but I wouldn’t want any other father. We both wear glasses, we both devour Oreos anytime they’re in the kitchen and we’re both reserved until we feel comfortable enough to show our personalities. I realize that I may not say it, but this Father’s Day, I’m writing loud and clear how much I appreciate and love him!

Happy Father’s Day,
Love, Adriana

And to the rest of the fathers out there, I hope your day is filled with love and appreciation, rest or excitement, long couches with plenty of room, remotes that need clicking and maybe even a free meal at a restaurant of your choice.

Adriana Burkins is the daughter of Qcitymetro Editor/Publisher Glenn Burkins. She is a junior at Meredith College in Raleigh where she is studying Spanish and Studio Art.

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